The “Sleepy McGregor” Chain Is About to Be in Auction

Just recently, Dustin Poirier received the “Sleepy McGregor” chain that is stuck to “Jake Paul”.

Poirier had received it from Paul himself. In responding to the gift, he would auction it off for the Good Fight Foundation.

Just what we were expecting from the Youtube Sensation, he managed to fulfill the promise by sending the $100,000 in the form of the “Sleepy McGregor” necklace to the UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley’s training partner, Poirier.

Sleepy McGregor

Initially, it was something that Poirier would wear. Paul expected that the fighter would wear it to the ring. However, Poirier had another plan. Instead, he posted a picture indicating that he would donate the auction revenues to The Good Fight Foundation charity group.

As we know, the bout between McGregor and Poirier was off because McGregor struggled from the stress fractures before the third edition of the fight. The rematch was off and this is what the bout opponent responded to the fighter.

Although Poirier defeated McGregor in the trilogy, the rivalry between the two parties is still up no matter what we have concluded nowadays. Even after the closure of the fighting, the two have still been insulting each other.

So, we can’t say that their rivalry has ended just yet. If it keeps going on, it won’t be impossible that there will be another fight again between McGregor and Poirier. On the other side, Paul has different ideas to challenge McGregor for a fight. But it will be in the boxing ring as well.

McGregor, as we know and would expect, has made the situation unfavorable as well by auctioning off the necklace for the charity. He posted the photographs long before UFC 264 to show off his injuries prior to the particular event.

Jake Paul lived up to his words.

Later that day, the boxer-turned-YouTube-entrepreneur tweeted that he had sent the “Sleepy McGregor” necklace to Dustin Poirier.

With a hectic week ahead of him, Paul had to mail Poirier’s chain later than expected.

“McGregor needs Jake Paul more than I do,” Paul said alongside Woodley.

Paul sent Poirier a thank-you note signed “Sleepy McGregor”.

Famous jeweler Benny Da Jeweler is reported to be designing a new piece of jewelry for Poirier.

It is estimated that the VVS diamonds, white gold, and hand-painted enamel charm weighing 500 grams cost $100,000.

Poirier received a huge and substantial present because of Paul’s troll jewelry piece.

And it will probably turn the phase into something different for the upcoming bout.

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