Tyron Woodley Bio: Record & Career, Next Fight, Net Worth, Wife

Who is Tyron Woodley? Is he a boxer or a fighter? What is his net worth? Who’s his next opponent? Well, you will find the exact answer here.

Who is Tyron Woodley?

Tyron Woodley
Those who have been in the MMA environment for a while must know who Tyron Woodley is. He has such a great name even though he has retired from the fight.

Tyron Woodley is a mixed martial artist and an Ultimate Fighter winner. He is a popular influencer in the world of MMA and UFC.

Besides doing MMA competitions, he is also a television analyst who competes in the UFC (UFC). For four years following his victory over Robbie Lawler at UFC 201, he was the UFC Welterweight Champion.

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Tyron Woodley Fight Record & Career

Tyron Woodley is a 39-year-old professional MMA fighter from Ferguson, Missouri, the US. Tyron Woodley attained his UFC Welterweight belt back in 2016 after winning over Robbie Lawler.

Tyron Woodley could keep his title four times. He has the records of 19-7-1 in his MMA professional record. Meanwhile, he has 9-7-1 in the UFC record. He was a promising striking fighter back then. But he lost in his last four fights.

With the losing strikes, it will be challenging for the respective fighter to bounce back to win the fight against Jake Paul.

Boxing Career:

2021-07-28Jake PaulTBA

Tyron Woodley Next Fight

The next fight that Tyron Woodley will be participating in is the fight against Jake Paul. Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley will be a boxing match. It will happen on 28 August 2021. Despite the date already being announced, the officials have yet to announce the venue, pricing tickets, PPV prices, and other important information.

The fight is going to be coming with a huge purse, as confirmed by a mass medium. Although we haven’t received the information about the numbers yet, it could go 7 figures for the purse of the fight.

Tyron Woodley Bio: Old, height, Weight & Education

Tyron Woodley was born on April 7, 1982. He is 39 years old now. The fighter has a structural body 5 ft 9 inches tall. He weighs around 78kg. He has such great athletic traits which can help him in many official fights.

As a UFC fighter, he engages in regular exercise, exercises at the gym, and combat training, which has resulted in his having a flawlessly toned figure that resembles that of a professional athlete.

This warrior has a buzz cut with a black hue to it, and his eyes are likewise a dark shade of black. He sports a beard that is similar to that of a caveman, as well as a tight fade. In 2017, he underwent shoulder surgery and returned to the Octagon once he had recovered completely from the procedure.

Tyron attended McCluer High School. There was no confirmed story of why he attended the school. But he graduated in 2000. Then he proceeded to the Institution of Missouri.

He delegates to the University of Missouri Tigers athletics program as a wrestler. He earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the university in 2005.

Who is Tyron Woodley’s wife?

Tyron is a married man with some kids in the house. He has tied the knot with his long-term partner, Averi Woodley, who works as a fitness teacher. It was during high school that the pair initially met, and it was later at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville that they reunited.

Averi Woodley

Woodley and his wife have had four children: Gabby, Dylan, Darron, and Tyron Jr. Woodley, and his wife have welcomed four children. Gabby is the only daughter in the family; the other children are all males.

However, his marriage life is not flawless. Recently, he was caught cheating on his wife.

There were some photographs taken of him cup-caking with someone other than his wife, which was captured by the paparazzi. Furthermore, there have been no reports of Woodley having any type of extramarital affair with any other woman.

What is Tyron Woodley’s net worth in 2021?

According to the trusted source, Tyron Woodley has $4 million in net worth.

Tyron Woodley Social Media (Subscriber & Follower)

Tyron Woodley has an Instagram account namely @twooodley. His account now has 1.9 million followers.


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