Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Fight Preview and Predictions

What do you think about the upcoming fight of Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul? If you are following the rodeos of both fighters, you will definitely want to know the preview and predictions that might happen in the boxing match.

When it comes to the prediction, Dana White thinks that Tyron Woodley could make Jake Paul struggling to breathe. In other words, the one who will knock out his opponent would be Tyron Woodley.

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul Fight

But everything is not certain until we witness the match by ourselves. Until then, we can only predict and preview. Woodley is the former UFC welterweight champ. The world also slates this ex-champ as one of the best strikers in UFC history.

The boxing match Woodley vs Paul will take place on August 28. Let’s admit it. Whether you are a huge fan of Paul or not, Paul mostly trash-talked his opponents. And the same thing goes with the next opponent Woodley. On the counterpart’s side, the fans of Woodley and regular sports fans would wonder if Woodley can shut up the trash-talkers and put him down for good.

Although Dana White reckons that Paul would lose, there is a thing that we need to consider.

Woodley is not young anymore. He is now 39 years of age. Not to mention that he had four fights losing streaks. With these records alone, the result of the match itself is still questionable.

According to White, the punching power of Tyron Woodley is something to be afraid of. Well, you will strongly agree with his opinion if you have been following Tyron Woodley for quite a while. In this entire career, Tyron Woodley has managed to take down dozens of opponents. although he hasn’t won a fight in three years, it does not mean that he can’t take the chance. Moreover, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that Paul is a starter in their boxing career.

Woodley has taken down some of the big names in the MMA industry. His MMA professional record is also impressive with nineteen wins and seven losses.

On paper, Woodley indeed has more experience than Paul.

Paul has won strikes. The knockout fellow YouTuber, ex-NBA player, and Ben Askren. It turned out that Paul came out as the favorite.

Well, the reason is obvious. It is because the bookies take a look at Woodley’s older age and the losing streaks in three years.

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